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Travel is…

I’m a very fortunate person. I’ve traveled and lived in Japan for two years. I’ve done the tourist thing in New Zealand while visiting friends. I’ve visited over half the states in the U.S. Now my great travels are over … Continue reading

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A Walking Place

In the deep south, palms and ferns flutter, green grass sometimes brown, leaves dried and crinkled crunch underfoot, skitter with wind. chill rosens my cheeks warmth eases my blood A thin path between concrete walls and… ————————- The rest of … Continue reading

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Cheshire Moon

Cheshire Moon Sky blue walls suspend bleeding hoarfrost, plummeting mercurial vapors seep unchecked into folded cartilage. Yearning arthritic arms envelope stained fiber shards tacked among the celestial ceiling. Cheshire moon grins. Black heaven sparkles. Wind heaves. Autumn remnants chime, scurry, … Continue reading

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Memories of a forgotten past Drown us in pathetic sorrow Trying to remember the soul that once was Trying to remember the souls surrounding Pain of deceit Forgetfulness Are you gone? Are you lost? Have you moved on? Information connects … Continue reading

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