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Reflecting on Concrete

Photos taken at a shrine in Hita, Japan. You might also like: Bold edges blur civilization Advertisements

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Layers are: the spice of life. the excitement of awe. the beauty of nature. the wonder of unknown. Layers are. A beautiful lichen grows on a tree.  Like so many areas in Japan, nature fights for a precarious balance with … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming. I Can Smell it.

I was born and raised in the Copper Country, which is nestled in the northwest of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It is a beautiful place surrounded by the mighty Lake Superior. It’s called the Copper Country because of the … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizons in Japan are dominated by mountains.  Hita is nestled nicely among mountains on all sides with a river flowing through. Horizons in Michigan are dominated by the Great Lakes.  Depending on which side you are on, spectacular sunrises or … Continue reading

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A Walking Place

In the deep south, palms and ferns flutter, green grass sometimes brown, leaves dried and crinkled crunch underfoot, skitter with wind. chill rosens my cheeks warmth eases my blood A thin path between concrete walls and… ————————- The rest of … Continue reading

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Vicarious Familiarity

I create, therefore I am. I write, therefore I am. Listen. Read. Watch. You will know me. Whoa! Now. Take a step back and let’s examine this a little deeper. Actually, not deeper, earlier. Rewind to the year 2001. Broadband … Continue reading

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Sometimes I just want to stand on grass

The first thing I noticed when I arrived in Japan was the precarious balance between nature and civilization. Japan is a mountainous country and as a result there are these things I’ve heard referred to as concrete walls. Roads are … Continue reading

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Bold Edges Blur Civilization

The City. What I’ve noticed most about living in the city is how hard everything is. There are so many sharp edges, and nature is bordered, contained, manipulated, within sharp boundaries. Even the frog bouncing from bushy cover to watery … Continue reading

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