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Hita Gion Festival

Today I was going through some older pictures and I found this gem. We were pushing our bicycles through Mameda Town and got trapped between Yamaboko. And here is four minutes of raw energy from that moment. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Vending machines and Drive-bys

It was quite like a drive-by, minus guns and screaming. It was a dark night, cold and rainy. The light from the vending machines illuminated a small stretch of road. A vehicle crept up slowly and stopped behind me as … Continue reading

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I may not have language but I’ve got rhythm

The announcements rang all over the city.  I didn’t know what was said but they were about kankousai, the local river viewing festival.  I knew that much.  It wouldn’t do any good to be sitting around hiding on a day … Continue reading

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Taco!? Wait a second… That’s not a taco!

At kankousai I ran across this booth. And let the confusion commence once again.  I felt so proud that I could read the sign.  It said tako, which I took to mean taco because phonetically, in Japanese that is how it would … Continue reading

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Kankousai Fireworks

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Here are some pictures of the amazing fireworks at the Hita City kankousai 2012!  Enjoy!

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Spelling, and other sorts of things that may cause confusion…

So, I’ve noticed (and some of you may have also noticed) that I may have spelled a few things wrong or even sometimes got it completely wrong.  For example, my last post was about the kankosai mishima river sightseeing festival. … Continue reading

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Hita City Mikuma River Festival

Today and tomorrow are Kankousai, a river sightseeing festival held in Hita City.  It will be an amazing experience!  The entire city appears to be gearing up for a spectacular event that features music, dance, and art all over the … Continue reading

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