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How was Japan?

How was Japan? That is the question. Each time I meet an old friend for the first time again. How was Japan? It’s a loaded question, fraught with twenty-seven months of life experience whittled down to a three word question. … Continue reading

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Sorry, that was me

It could happen in the lunchroom, at a café, walking down the street, in your home. You never know when it will strike. It begins innocently enough. Eyes meet, eyes dart secret whispers, dramatic laughter, fingers point. They are laughing … Continue reading

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I’m in the Way, Again

I was at the mall. It was packed full of shoppers collecting gifts for the quickly approaching Christmas. A Santa Claus was spouting Japanese at screaming children with Mrs. Claus at his side. People were going this way and that, … Continue reading

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A Walking Place

In the deep south, palms and ferns flutter, green grass sometimes brown, leaves dried and crinkled crunch underfoot, skitter with wind. chill rosens my cheeks warmth eases my blood A thin path between concrete walls and… ————————- The rest of … Continue reading

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Catch and Release

The cold crispness of the morning air snaps me clean out of my peaceful sleep. I was having such a wonderful dream too. I mumble a weak protest full of sleep. I cringe as the too small blanket swishes off … Continue reading

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The shirt made me do it

The words we use every day become lost in the shuffle. Simple phrases become commonplace that once were used to subjugate entire cultures. Words are powerful. Ignoring such power can only lead to shame. The conversation is making its rounds … Continue reading

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Technological Selection

It’s a new thing I’ve begun to notice. There are many recent articles about internet and gadget addiction. It seems to be a problem for many. I think it does more than steal your vacation. It inhibits immersion. Travelling abroad … Continue reading

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Everyday Zoos

I was seven years old. My family was in Milwaukee visiting an uncle, cousin, friend of the family, somebody. We went to the zoo. I was a little thing and it was my first time out of my little town. … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

I’m an alcoholic. There. I’ve said it. I’m not ashamed because nine years ago I decided to quit. So whatever. It’s a choice and I’m stubborn enough to stick to it. One day, a thirty hour journey brought me to … Continue reading

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Dancing for life

The end of May features Hita’s largest festival. It was my second time so I was able to understand it a little better. Last year I had only been in Japan for less than a month and I was still … Continue reading

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