Music is everywhere, it’s in our bodies and in our minds, even in our souls.  Each culture has a variety of music to their credit as well as a comprehensive list of imported tunes.  I will search out music and deliver it directly to your screen.  Enjoy!

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For fun, here are a few YouTube links to some great music I’ve discovered.  It’s always fun to discover new music!

Mori Masako – Ettou Tsubame

Kyu Sakamoto – Ue O Muite Arukou

Here is a video of a great local musician in the Hita-shi (日田市) area. His name is Hiroyuki Kajiwara (梶原浩之). Enjoy!


One Response to Music

  1. I don’t know what he’s saying, but it’s soul-stirring; obviously influenced by western ballads. Kind of haunting, like Ghost Riders in the Sky. I appreciate your bringing Japanese culture to us all; and in a bigger sense, understanding how related we all are to one another.

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