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Thursday Thought: November 21st

The life of a person, the personality of a country, is so much more than the sum of what they do. Life is the sense of a person. Life is the love of a person. Life is the memory of … Continue reading

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Speak up

I know that my posts are usually kind of funny and random, but violence and abuse has been a topic that I’ve taken considerable interest in lately.  As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, here is an extraordinary speech by Leslie … Continue reading

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Internet Blackout

For what it is worth.  I will have no internet access for about two weeks or so.  So stay tuned for more updates soon.  Thanks for the support!

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Overcoming Fear

We went on a pleasant, and exhilarating, hike along the Ishizaka Stone-Paved Road, which was a primary route between Hita and Nakatsu during the 18th and 19th century. An interesting aside was a fellow named Mr. Yasui, who spoke hardly any English, … Continue reading

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Kankousai Fireworks

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Here are some pictures of the amazing fireworks at the Hita City kankousai 2012!  Enjoy!

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Hita City Mikuma River Festival

Today and tomorrow are Kankousai, a river sightseeing festival held in Hita City.  It will be an amazing experience!  The entire city appears to be gearing up for a spectacular event that features music, dance, and art all over the … Continue reading

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Twisty Roads

Hmmm…  So, I was riding mybike, Erica U, today and I thought I was going south.  Thought.  I was actually going west and ended up not where I intended.  Many of the roads in Hita have slight curves to them … Continue reading

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こんにちは (Konnichiwa)

Hello and welcome to a little corner dedicated to exploring cultural interactions.  Think of it as a way to say hello in many different languages. Nihon i Go will examine five elements of culture. -music (both traditional and contemporary from … Continue reading

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