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Hita Gion Festival

Today I was going through some older pictures and I found this gem. We were pushing our bicycles through Mameda Town and got trapped between Yamaboko. And here is four minutes of raw energy from that moment. Enjoy! Advertisements

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Aural Savagery

I just realized that I was a dick.  I might still be but at least I now realize a few things.  So, I’m a dick.  Here’s my story… About fourteen years ago, in my early twenties, I worked at a … Continue reading

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Discovering Enka

Modern and contemporary pop music is generally what comes to mind when I think of Japanese music.  It could be a vocaloid or one of the other many supergroups that have become so popular.  It’s great stuff, composed of ultra … Continue reading

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Dance Battle

The day was rainy.  No.  Let me take that back.  The week was rainy.  Rain poured down and shoes and pants and arms were wet.  You had to make sure your electronics were suitably protected from the elements.  Umbrellas only … Continue reading

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I may not have language but I’ve got rhythm

The announcements rang all over the city.  I didn’t know what was said but they were about kankousai, the local river viewing festival.  I knew that much.  It wouldn’t do any good to be sitting around hiding on a day … Continue reading

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And now, the Amazing Frog Chorus!

Once upon a time…The frog kingdom of Rizpadon held court near the borders of Whereisleep.  (Was it a planned invasion or were they just having a good time?)  Around 6:45 each evening, the party begins.  A pleasant, deep solo belted … Continue reading

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Hita City Mikuma River Festival

Today and tomorrow are Kankousai, a river sightseeing festival held in Hita City.  It will be an amazing experience!  The entire city appears to be gearing up for a spectacular event that features music, dance, and art all over the … Continue reading

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Live Music

Friday evening I had the opportunity to see some live music and a little Bistro nearby.  It was a good time that featured great energy and a great crowd.  I had a good time.

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