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Blue Stain

If anyone is interested, I recently published a short story called Blue Stain on Kindle. Check it out if you have time. It’s a short read and only $0.99! Click here to buy it! Stay tuned for more posts soon … Continue reading

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How was Japan?

How was Japan? That is the question. Each time I meet an old friend for the first time again. How was Japan? It’s a loaded question, fraught with twenty-seven months of life experience whittled down to a three word question. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Just a couple here for fun!

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That Won’t Work… Because

That won’t work because That’s what people say. It won’t work here because ___________. Before I left Japan, I had to get everything turned off. It was an unpleasant experience to say the least, mostly because there appeared to be … Continue reading

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Reverse Culture Shock: The Epic Journey

Taking the bus out of Hita for the last time filled me with a mixture of emotions that I didn’t expect. Well, I expected them but I couldn’t handle them. We loaded our bags under the bus and jumped on. … Continue reading

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Yakushima: Day 2

The sun crept over the horizon and struggled through the trees surrounding the hostel. My eyes creaked open and took in my surroundings. Childhood memories from my days at the Mosquito Lodge filled me with longing. In particular, the one … Continue reading

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Hita Gion Festival

Today I was going through some older pictures and I found this gem. We were pushing our bicycles through Mameda Town and got trapped between Yamaboko. And here is four minutes of raw energy from that moment. Enjoy!

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Yakushima Travel Log: Day 1

A ways back I had a conversation with some people about where to visit in Japan over coffee and chocolate. There were the usual suspects: Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo. None of them places I wanted to go. I’m sure there is … Continue reading

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Wakuwaku Japanese Language School

If anyone is interested in learning Japanese or traveling to Japan, I highly recommend Hita as a place to see. It is full of wonderful sights and things to do, particularly the incredible festivals like Kankousai and Gion. I’ve really … Continue reading

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For Those that are Curious

Hello all! As you know, I recently stated that I have no more to say about Japan.  That is true in some aspects and not so much in others.  Japan is a wonderful place with so much to experience and … Continue reading

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