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Thursday Thought: Oct 31st

“The enemy of a healthy relationship is silence.” Advertisements

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Horizons in Japan are dominated by mountains.  Hita is nestled nicely among mountains on all sides with a river flowing through. Horizons in Michigan are dominated by the Great Lakes.  Depending on which side you are on, spectacular sunrises or … Continue reading

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On Writing

Lately it seems everywhere I look I am confronted by books beginning with “On Writing”. Writers of renown have all taken their turn at illustrating their version of the writing life. These books, part anecdote, part biography, part philosophy, have … Continue reading

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A Walking Place

In the deep south, palms and ferns flutter, green grass sometimes brown, leaves dried and crinkled crunch underfoot, skitter with wind. chill rosens my cheeks warmth eases my blood A thin path between concrete walls and… ————————- The rest of … Continue reading

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Catch and Release

The cold crispness of the morning air snaps me clean out of my peaceful sleep. I was having such a wonderful dream too. I mumble a weak protest full of sleep. I cringe as the too small blanket swishes off … Continue reading

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Mining for Memories

It’s funny. The other evening I met an older gentleman. He had a sharp and engaging look in his eyes. We talked about the normal things, How long? Where from? What major? Why Japan? Standard introductory questions meant to break … Continue reading

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The shirt made me do it

The words we use every day become lost in the shuffle. Simple phrases become commonplace that once were used to subjugate entire cultures. Words are powerful. Ignoring such power can only lead to shame. The conversation is making its rounds … Continue reading

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