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Everyday Zoos

I was seven years old. My family was in Milwaukee visiting an uncle, cousin, friend of the family, somebody. We went to the zoo. I was a little thing and it was my first time out of my little town. … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

I’m an alcoholic. There. I’ve said it. I’m not ashamed because nine years ago I decided to quit. So whatever. It’s a choice and I’m stubborn enough to stick to it. One day, a thirty hour journey brought me to … Continue reading

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Cheshire Moon

Cheshire Moon Sky blue walls suspend bleeding hoarfrost, plummeting mercurial vapors seep unchecked into folded cartilage. Yearning arthritic arms envelope stained fiber shards tacked among the celestial ceiling. Cheshire moon grins. Black heaven sparkles. Wind heaves. Autumn remnants chime, scurry, … Continue reading

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39 Hours 800 Miles

A knock at the door.  It was Billy. “Booze-cruise.” “Yeah, give me a minute.  I barely sat down.” Billy slid his keys in his right pocket and plopped down on the mustard yellow couch in the kitchen; it didn’t go … Continue reading

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