Twisty Roads

Hmmm...  So, I was riding mybike, Erica UErica U, today and I thought I was going south.  Thought.  I was actually going west and ended up not where I intended.  Many of the roads in Hita have slight curves to them that are nearly unnoticeable while riding a bike.  My goal was to reach the fabled Mikuma river.  It is apparently only one kilometer away from where I am staying but I’ve had issues finding it.  I guess I’m just not used to the city roads yet.  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow I will find the river.

Come on Al Green, “Take me to the River”


About Matthew J. Durocher

Matthew Durocher is a graduate of Michigan Tech University. He acquired his BA in English along with a minor in Music Composition and a certificate in Writing in Spring 2012. His style is one of passion and musicality. One foot is firmly rooted in tradition while the other slides dangerously close to the clouds.
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